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Returning to September 
Returning to Yourself

It's September once again, time for students and teachers to return to school, time for summer to return to autumn, and time for me to return to Europe for my annual tour where I will be giving seminars, talks, and readings.

Returning to September can remind us that there is a cycle to everything.

Sometimes you feel energetic, sometimes less so. Try not to judge yourself too harshly for your different moods. There is an ebb and flow to all of life. See if you can just sit back and notice yourself feeling energetic or unenergetic, creative or uncreative, without putting negative labels on your experience. Trust that your ebb will lead to a flow.

Notice when your mind is harshly judging the ebbs in your life . . . telling you that you should be more productive,  you should be doing something. Nevermind the mind! Go deeper than the mind can go. Get to know the ebbs and flows of your life. Trust that just as the earth has its cycles, so do you. Breathe. Relax. Enter into the natural flow of life, which always knows the way to go, even when your mind 

does not.

Enjoy autumn to the fullest, wherever you are.

It comes only once a year.

Need help being "In the flow" of your own life? Check out the Introduction to The School of Being Happy Being You! and decide if you would like to return to School this September. The next session begins September 8th. Enroll early to begin your Orientation and join your classmates in your private Open Classroom.

Picture of Lily in Southern California courtesy of Thomas

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Need help being In the flow of life? Check out the Introduction to The Clear and Simple Way School and decide if you would like to return to school this September.  

Enroll now to begin your Orientation, receive daily email messages of wisdom, and join your classmates in your private Online Open Classroom. 

Your monthly lessons will begin at the start of the next semester and arrive on the 8th of each month. Questions: write theclearandsimpleway.