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the honeybees need our love!

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when I lived on Maui, rainbows were an almost every day occurrence. Their beauty filled my soul and nourished me

I have seen only one rainbow in the sky since living in Los Angeles

we need more
rainbows in our lives!

think rainbows for health. Eat food that is the color of rainbows. If you are buying (or, even better, gathering your food from a garden!) and preparing food, notice the rainbow colors, the textures. Let your fingertips feel gratitude for the fresh rainbow colored fruits and vegetables.

Do you know that simply touching fruits and vegetables allows you to receive vital life force energy? It does! Fruits and vegetables are filled with energy! Let your eyes caress their forms with love and gratitude. Be thankful that they lay down their lives for you. This can teach you about surrender, acceptance, and just fulfilling your own nature - doing what is yours to do. In India, there is a word for this; it is called dharma - one's duty.

Let your eyes be hands that loving caress with gratitude all the beautiful fruits and vegetables that give you life so abundantly.

Here is a special request, which I will make again and again. It is from the Nature Spirits. It is about the honeybees - the honeybees who are losing their lives, losing their way home - the honeybees - without whom we will lose our flowers and fruits and vegetables. Please!  Plant pesticide and herbicide free flowers, herbs, and gardens - even ONE lavender bush - even ONE rose bush - even ONE strawberry plant - even ONE tomato plant and in this way -

- give back to the earth that so graciously gives to you - provide unpoisoned pollen for the honey bees. This will strengthen their immune systems and give them the ability to overcome diseases.

Perhaps we cannot change the face of the world today - perhaps we cannot end the war in Iraq today - perhaps we cannot do many things - but we CAN do something - and what we CAN do - we must do. For our own lives to be happy, we must each fulfill our own dharma - we must live in harmony with nature.

And if you believe that saving the honeybees is important - if you love rainbows - share this
Love and serve the honeybees who so graciously serve us by pollinating the flowers that become the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that give us both life and beauty.

together we can do what we can do - we can work in harmony the way bees do - we cannot pollinate all the flowers - but we can each of us plant at least ONE lovely non-poisoned plant - wherever we are. If you live in a city of concrete and cement, then be creative. Plant in a window or on a rooftop. Find or create a garden plot in the city. Be proactive!

Right now, millions of dollars are being spent to try and find out why the honeybees are dying. The angels say - we do not need millions of dollars to understand - we can understand for free that we need to clean up the earth. Understanding is always free. And understanding sets us free.

We need millions of people to join together to plant pesticide and herbicide free seeds and plants. We need millions of people to refuse to support a society and government that condones the use of the poisons that are poisoning the bees. Without bees, we lose our fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Think about it! No red strawberries! No succulent watermelons! No orange juice! We lose the scent and sight of flowers and apple blossoms! No beautiful
rainbows surrounding us in flowers, fruits, vegetables! We lose our rainbows! We lose our health. Our world turns gray.

The bees are not different from the tiny cells in our bodies. Nature is a reflection of the way that we, as humans, live our lives. Right now the little cells in our own bodies are having trouble finding their way home. The more polluted and contaminated the earth becomes, the harder it is for the little cells in our bodies to work together in harmony, the harder it is for us to find our way home, and for there to be peace on earth.

We need rainbows. We cannot live happy productive lives without rainbows.

So plant a rainbow today. Tend it with love. Watch it grow. Hold a bright red tomato in your hand that you grew by yourself. From your own little garden, gather a bunch of scented lavender. Harvest your own purple eggplant, an orange carrot, a red radish, a green cucumber.

Let's start a rainbow revolution! Let's heal the earth.  Let's love the honeybees!

And now I must go meditate on the bees surrounding my lavender bush, water my roses, and kiss the aloe good morning.
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yes! a rainbow revolution!

a rainbow revolution! () Work together with the Nature Spirits! Yes! In addition to each human being planting at least ONE plant, seed, tree, or flower that is kept poison free  (if you have children or grandchildren who are too young, or friends and relatives who are too infirm, sick, worn out, jaded, or unwilling to plant one for themselves, practice generosity - plant one for them too!) . . .

. . . in addition - drink
rainbows ! eat rainbows! Red cabbage, green celery, yellow squash,- you get the rainbow picture! - fresh squeezed orange juice, carrot, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon juices - healthful garlic, pure olive oil, gingers and limes! Eat and drink for health!

rainbows on your windows. Plant a tree to invite the rain that invites rainbows and bright bits of rainbow colored birds, butterflies, and insects that keep our earth bright and happy and in balance.

be tolerant! be open! be accepting! be a true human being! Be! Love all the
rainbow colored people in the world - yes! we need brown, black, white, auburn, burnt umber, tan, eggplant, red, and yellow in our palette. We need every color just in case space aliens visit us one day and they turn out to be purple or chartreuse.

be kind to the earth and ocean so that all her
rainbow animals, mammals, land and sea life can flourish. Recycle. If you see a piece of trash or an empty bottle on the street or ocean shore, pick it up! Create beauty wherever you are! Forget about what other people are creating. YOU become a creator of beauty! YOU become a clear shining crystal through which the Light flows purely to create bright shining rainbows!

do you know that
rainbows are actually circles? Yes, they are!

Step outside the box in into the circle of life. Wear
rainbow colors according to your nature. You do not have to wear spike heels that destroy your legs and back just because they are in fashion. You can wear them if you want to. And you can wear something else if you want to. Your body is yours to clothe in beautiful rainbows according to your inner artist.

Hang crystals in your windows and watch the rainbows dance in your life

Love what you can while you can. Become a
rainbow creator! You are free. Right now! Yes, now! You always have been.

love and kisses on your noses and eyelashes and on your
rainbows colored eyes through which the light shines bright.

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2008, 11:26 AM (this was originally posted on my blog, and I moved it here!)



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