The Clear & Simple Way

Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira

New! 4 week email course
Registration is now closed. Check back or contact me if you are interested in registering for the Course next time it is offered. Thank you.

Discover and grow closer to your true nature by growing closer to both the seen world of nature and the unseen world of nature spirits and angels. There are different levels of being. Just because you may see and relate to only one, doesn't mean there aren't others. You can expand your connection with all of nature and harmonize your inner state with its natural rhythms. The cost is $60 for 4 weeks. This course may or may not be continued in the future, so this may be your only chance to register.

Nature Angels

The way to "see" nature spirits is by melding into nature and becoming as invisible as possible. Be very still. Let your facial muscles relax. Let your gaze become soft and unfocused. As you sink peacefully into your environment, notice that your breath naturally softens. As you leave behind human instinct, with the intention of entering the gentle fairy realm, peace begins to fill you.

Nature angels are so gentle; so soft. Do not ask them to enter your human world. Become invisible and enter the world of nature. Become harmless and unimportant, like a blade of grass or a trickle of water. Become timeless, like angels. Gaze softly upon green leaves, water, or empty sky. Experience the contours, textures, and depths that surround you. Let your eyes lovingly caress what they see.

Do you have Skype?

The Nature Angel Course includes Skype classes, so if you want to be invited, send me your Skype info.

How does the Nature Course work?

Spontaneously. In the Present Moment.

The present involves making plans for the future. For making plans, we use the practical mind, but we must not hold onto those plans with the egoistic mind. Plans for the future can only happen Now. We can't know if those plans will manifest according to our will but when we let go and trust Infinite Intelligence we can understand that all plans manifest according to Divine Will.

The Nature Course unfolds in the great Now — you will be held in that Now. Guided. Inspired. Enthusiastic. You will be part of the creation of the course as it follows the natural divine Course of Nature.


Plans, Mother Earth, & Changes

Plans. We must all make them. It’s how we live our earthly lives. But whether those plans are fulfilled, belongs to God, as all visions do. When we hold on tight to “my” will, we can’t let go and flow with the only Will there is.

So make your plans. Do the work to make them happen. Then let go. Relax. There is an easy gentle flow to all of life when we give everything — everything — into the care and keeping of God.

That said, take great care. These are challenging times. There are many changes happening. What can we learn from the floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and other forces of nature that are taking place? This is a very good question to contemplate — and then listen to the Silence within your heart for the answers.

Those answers will never be ones that instill fear, anxiety, and apprehension. If you get those answers, then you are listening to what is false, because Truth is always peace.

Mother Earth is divinely nurturing, but she, like we, is subject to physical laws. She can’t help that, anymore than we can. So please don’t blame her. Don’t fear her. Don’t be mad at her.

We as humans are reaping what we sow, and we have not been kind to her. So she is hurting. Her great beautiful body is responding in the only way it can because she is governed by physical laws.

So be careful. Walk carefully. Commune with nature. This is one reason I am offering the Nature Angel Course. But, this if enough for now. I could write and write, but I will save it for the Nature Course.