The Clear and Simple Way  
School of Conscious Awareness

Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira

Welcome to the Official Introduction to the
School of Being Happy Being You

Welcome To Your Schoolroom!

The angels have promised a clear and simple way. The way is as clear and as simple as making the effort to show up, not only for these lessons, but for all the lessons of your life. It means loving yourself enough to teach yourself how to love you back.

This is your Schoolroom. Here you will find your monthly lessons. They will always be here, like a good friend. Maybe even like your best friend! You are on an amazing and fruitful journey. You are unlearning everything that is not true about you, so the light of your true self can shine clearly! You are encouraged to print out your current lesson and carry it with you for quick reference, especially when you are in need of support and encouragement. If you prefer, just read the one with the pretty pictures in your computer, and save some paper.

You are not asked to blindly believe or accept any of the ideas in these lessons. Blind belief leads only to sorrow and disappointment. You are invited to hold your heart and mind open to all things possible. You are invited to explore the possibility of the Infinite.

When you employ your own intelligence to find your own answers, false conditioning begins to fall away. When what is false dissolves, what is true begins to reveal itself. You begin to find out what you really are—and are not. You discover your true divinity. At the core of this divinity is Love. This LOVE manifests through each human being in unique and wondrous ways.

Read your lessons and allow the deeper meaning of the words to penetrate your mind and open your heart. Remember—you are not traveling alone! Your classmates are with you. The angels are here. Your teacher is here. Gos is here. Most importantly, YOU are HERE!