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December Message 2008 - Happiness Within Your Heart

Here we are in the last month of this year approaching 2009--if you are reading this in 2008--and some other New Year if you are reading this in the "future" that will be the "present" by the time you get there.
This Christmas and gift giving holiday season you are offered a gentle reminder to spend your energy wisely. Respect yourself and your money. This means living well within--or below--your means--so you do not place unnecessary burdens upon yourself or create debt! 

If you find yourself feeling lonely or stressed, wanting to give gifts you cannot afford, or receive gifts that are not coming your way, remind yourself, "Now is enough!" When you experience any sense of lack, loss, fear, or limitation, remind yourself, "Now is enough!"

There is no lack, loss, fear, or limitation when you know that now is enough, that you are enough here in this present moment, that there is nothing that can be added unto you to make you more.

As the angels say: The only thing you have to share with anyone is your own state of being! 

The peace of your being is a wonderful gift to share with others. Many people want to uplift the world, yet live in such anxiety this is what they end up sharing. We can uplift the world only to the degree that we live expansive uplifted lives. 

This wisdom of living a happy life is supported by recent scientific studies that tell us that happiness is contagious! Happiness leads to less stress and improved health at every level!


True happiness cannot be defined or measured by the mind. Happiness as defined by the mind can lead only to frustration and unhappiness because the mind can never be satisfied. As soon as one desire is achieved, the mind creates another to keep you miserable in the belief that now is not enough.

Happiness as we define it is beyond all mental concepts. It is an acceptance of life as it is. It is not about acquiring more, but of less--losing all the wrong concepts you have of yourself, becoming free from false beliefs and mental constructs that keep you trapped in the erroneous idea that now is not enough. Now is enough! Now is all there is! Now is your true nature, the nature of Oneness.

Our Oneness is not just in a theoretical sense. It is a Oneness with God--with all of humanity--with the earth, every blade of grass, every star, every stone left unturned, every starving child, every laughing child, every sound a small kitten makes, everything we are--it is all God. 
This Christmas season remember that you are enough. So is every other human being, whether they know this or not. It is only when someone doubts their enoughness that wars and unhappiness, deceit and evil prevail. There is enough. There is no need to grasp for or cling to anything. When we can accept that we are enough, we can also accept that someone else is enough. Acceptance of what IS leads to inner peace.
Thank you for being with me in the presence of the angels throughout the messages we have shared in 2008. I look forward to sharing  even more with you in the future. I give thanks to the  angels who always exist in all their God-inspired glory. There is no need for you to 'believe' in angels to benefit from these messages. Angels do not need human belief for their existence. Angels exist wholey and holy in the great light of the only God there IS.

Whatever You Celebrate
Keep the season Holy

A Gift Worth Giving:
Gift yourself or someone you love with 
the gift that guides you to happiness,

Happiness is Contagious!
". . . researchers found that when an individual becomes happy, the network effect can be measured up to three degrees. One person's happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only their friends, but their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends. The effect lasts for up to one year." 

Angel picture courtesy of Thomas Leininger:


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