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  • "Indira's writing is pure poetry where angels inspire through ashes of rain and the color of music, bringing light and guidance, inspiring every moment, abiding in our hearts, in..."
  • "What I like most about The Clear and Simple Way seminars is the spontaneity: Judy does not adhere strictly to a program but deals in her warm and lovely way with individual conc..."
  • "My experience with you. Ineffable. Thank you feels like a tiny word for the time - the depths you went - and yes with the angels. My eyes swell with tears as I hold the angels i..."
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April Message 2010 Monthly Message
 Happy Relationships

Consider the people who are in your life today. Who supports and nurtures your heart and soul? Who leaves you feeling depleted and despondent, with less energy to follow your dreams? 

     Give yourself permission to gravitate towards those people who uplift and support your journey through life! 

       To do this, you must have an awareness of your inner state. If you do not know yourself you will not know when other people are depleting your energy. You will not be able to protect yourself in the world. So pay attention to your inner state. Notice how you feel when you are with different people. 

         It is not that you must make a determined effort to avoid negative people. It is not possible, anyway. If you focus on getting negative people out of your life, you are concentrating your vital energy upon negativity! This brings more not less negativity into your life!

         Focus on the people in your life who are kind and pleasant to be with. More importantly, focus on having a happy relationship with yourself.  Your inner reaction to outer circumstances determines your experience of life. The inner that determines the outer.

         And so the most effective way to have honest relationships with other people is to have an honest relationship with yourself. As your own state is uplifted, you naturally attract happier relationships - because like really does attract like! 

          You do not have to worry about the results of your efforts. The outcome belongs to the future and is not your concern. Simply commit to becoming more aware of your inner state and your reactions to life around you. Sincere intention and commitment are lights that guide you along the path to a happier, friendlier life.  

           Need help having a happier relationship with yourself and others? Join The School of Being Happy Being You!  Register now to join your classmates in Your Open Classroom, begin your Orientation, and receive your daily inspirational teachings. Your monthly lessons will begin at the start of next semester. Questions: Write to theclearandsimpleway.