The Clear & Simple Way

Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira



ALATADENA, CA, SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 10:00 am-6:00 pm


We'll start the morning with cleansing teas and juices, gentle meditative Yoga/Qigong in the garden, and move onto angel readings for all participants. Lunch will be healing, restorative, and cleansing. Then an afternoon of more angel work, deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your life. We'll close with music and refreshments. A day without coffee or sugar, but lots of good stuff to fill your heart and make your body happy. 

Spend the longest day of the year healing and rejuvenating 

body, mind, and spirit.

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Seminars, Retreats, Workshops
USA & Europe

Each seminar unique, and no matter how many you attend 
you can benefit in new and exciting ways.

An Angel Seminar is a unique opportunity to leave behind your ordinary world and enter the higher world of angels. Each participant receives messages from the angels, deep and profound; light and full of humor. The compassionate healing atmosphere naturally invites you to move into your heart, as well as connect with others in a very special way. As you listen to the messages the angels give each person, you come closer to your oneness with all of life, as well as the great universal Oneness. Simple spontaneous exercises allow you to participate fully and to give as well as to receive.  

My work offers profound spiritual understanding and practical solutions to everyday problems. The one you think you are exists nowhere but in your thoughts. Find out what is false and what is real appears.

To book a seminar, organize one in your area, or find out more, contact Indira by phone emailtheclearandsimpleway

Happy Testimonials

"What I like most about Judy's seminars is the spontaneity: Indira does not adhere strictly to a program but deals in her warm and lovely way with individual concerns and struggles, thus creating a unique healing experience for everyone involved."--Annie, Translator, Switzerland

"Judith Indira Parsons has helped me find peace. She is as comfortable dealing with mundane issues as with profound issues of spirituality. Her work is deep, but full of surprises, lightness and humor."--Anne, Artist, Los Angeles

"Over the years, Indira has given me great encouragement and support. She is a careful and deep listener with a wealth of experience and insight. Her feet are planted solidly upon the ground with the heavenly realms open to her. Since knowing Indira, the angels have become a part of my everyday life.--Elisabeth, Montessori Teacher, Germany

"About 15 years ago my parents died suddenly, and I was very distraught. I had a reading with Indira. It was very matter-of-fact, just a conversation really, but with an intensity that surprised me totally. There was no seance or trance or anything of that sort, but we entered into a probing detail of what happened with my parents and my whole relationship with them that continues to be helpful these many years later. On the spot I became a loyal supporter of her work - and when she offered 'The Clear and Simple Way' angel lessons, I was the first in line to read them. Indira is one of the most ethical and professional counselors I have ever known, and she actually and quickly helps people. That in itself is a wonder these days!"--Dick, Special Ed Teacher, USA

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  • "Thank you for all your love and TREMENDOUS support. I am so grateful for all the work we have done together. It has helped me enormously start to become free from the mind and ..."
  • "My experience with you. Ineffable. Thank you feels like a tiny word for the time - the depths you went - and yes with the angels. My eyes swell with tears as I hold the angels i..."
  • "What I like most about The Clear and Simple Way seminars is the spontaneity: Judy does not adhere strictly to a program but deals in her warm and lovely way with individual conc..."

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