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In Honor of Dr. Henning von der Osten
In Memory April 3, 2008
Autor, Psychotherapeut und

His spirit has left his body, but not the hearts of the thousands of people he served throughout his lifetime; most importantly the heart of his beautiful wife and dearest companion, Elke, whom he spoke of as his angel, and who was always by his side. 

Dr. von der Osten gave up a lucrative career in television to follow his vision to be a therapist and help others, a vision he fulfilled. I have known countless people whose lives have changed because of their work with Henning. 

I learned so much from him. He lived his life as a truly enlightened being - with loving kindness and endless humor, even as his health declined. His life was one of generosity, service, humility, compassion, honor, gentility, and courage. He was a dear friend and mentor.

His energy will continue to guide and enlighten all of us who knew him. Henning lived the enlightenment he sought. He lived with enthusiasm the vision in his heart. Dear Henning may you soar with angels and know the Truth that has set you free.

Elke von der Osten
'Was ist, ist - ist es nicht so?'