the clear & simple way

judith indira parsons, msw

December Monthly Message 2010
Keep it Simple!


Need a nice simple "rule" to help you through the holiday season? Try this one: 

Keep it simple! 

When you find yourself stressed, running here and there, trying to please everyone, stop. Pause. Be still. Breathe. Ask yourself: "Is this really what the holy season is about? Is it about stress and tension? Is it about buying the perfect present? Or is it about being Present?"

Keep it Simple!

Being present in your body, in your life, is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else. Isn't this what life on earth is about? Yes! The more you are present, the more others can benefit from your presence.

Be Present!

So keep it simple. Be present. Be here now. 
The perfect present is here in the present.

Need help keeping your life simple? 

Give yourself or someone else the gift of

  The Clear and Simple Way School

This is a gift that will last forever. 

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