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Gratitude For Your Body Meditation CD
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Indira ~ spoken meditation
Hirth Martinez ~ solo guitar music

Having trouble appreciating, and caring for your body in the way you'd like to? We all know what we should do; often it's getting up the inspiration, enthusiasm, and motivation that's the block. 

Well, here's a beginning. Relax and listen to this Guided Meditation into a journey of gratitude for the body in which your spirit lives. You will be uplifted and inspired. Listening often enough can deepen your love for your body and help to replace negative conditioning with positive uplifting affirmations that are good for you!

The meditation is spoken in Indira's melodic voice and interspersed with the solo guitar music of Hirth Martinez, during which you can fly free on your own journey.  

What people say . . .

   "In a time when I needed guidance and hope, the Gratitude for Your Body CD came to me, and through listening to it, I was able to gain strength and love. It calmed me and helped me get through hard times and for that I am forever grateful." -Leah Sparkes, Publicist

   "I listen to this CD even when I am driving through the streets of Los Angeles. It calms me and helps me arrive at the office feeling peaceful. Plus, I am more conscious of my body throughout the day. This CD actually motivates me to eat healthier, exercise more, and people have commented I am looking more relaxed!" -Henry B. Stockbroker

Give yourself the gift of relaxation...

     You are invited to give yourself the experience of deep soothing relaxation. Relax and let the natural flow of breath do everything. Surrender to the wisdom of the breath that gives you life. 

     At the moment of your birth breath knew to enter your body. Breath nurtures you now. Focus on the soothing rhythm of your own breath. Allow gentle relaxation to move across your face like angelic hands, softly caressing away cares and concerns. Sink into the safety of breath as it carries you into deep peace. 

     There are places of hidden tension throughout the body. Give those places attention now ~ attention ~ not tension. Breathe out tension! Breathe in peace. Deep even breathing calms you. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed with each breath. Let yourself be breathed by the wisdom of breath.

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Meditative Music I

Listen here to a short clip of Hirth's meditative guitar music from the CD Guided Meditation on Gratitude For Your Body. Order above.

Meditation Fin

Listen here to a short clip from Indira's Guided Meditation On Gratitude For Your Body. Order above.