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  • "Over the years, Indira has given me great encouragement and support. She is a careful and deep listener with a wealth of experience and insight. Her feet are planted solidly upo..."
    Montessori teacher, Munick, Germany
  • "Everyone loved the East Coast Retreat and said they would come again; that is amazing. I am still looking for the way to express the love and friendships that we all walked awa..."
    Holly R.
    Healing with stones from the earth

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Judith Indira Parsons, MSW

Individual and Family Counseling

by phone and in person

Seminars, Talks, Readings

The Clear and Simple Way School

USA & Europe

My work is valued for its compassionate and insightful nature, which can bring about deep healing for those who are open and receptive. Please read my BIO for more information. I am a natural born empath. Are you? Find out here:

The person you believe you are exists nowhere but in your thoughts. Find out what is false and what is real appears. Stop living from a thought self and start living.

"And I will show you that there is no imperfection in the present, and can be none in the future. And I will show you that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results." 

These words from the poet Walt Whitman express the essence of the clear and simple way and can be applied to everything that happens in life. 

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